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Vinyl records - New music


Complete CDs'

Contains all the available Wydawnictwo 21 records and other CDs on stock.
CD records  (PDF file)

Complete vinyl
records' catalogue

Contains all the vinyl records available on stock, including the special cheap records section.
Vinyl records  (PDF file)

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and delivery

You can read everything about buying, payment and delivery here:
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New wave   |   Electronic, synthipop   |   Contemporary music

Download the complete LP catalogue:   Vinyl records  (PDF file)

Record condition's grading (Warning! This is NOT Record Collector's Grading System!)

  • M (mint) - looks and plays like the new one.
  • EX (excellent) - no scratches or noises.
  • VG (very good) - some noises and scratches, but to hear only in quite moments, no sound distortions. Still easy listenable record.
  • G (good) - many noises and scratches, but the music is still stronger. Hard listenable record.
  • W (worn) - strong noises and scratches, louder than the music. Distorted sound.
  • F (fair) - unplayable record.

  • M (mint) - looks like the new one
  • EX (excellent) - no damages, just some signs of passing time.
  • VG (very good) - visible, but still slighty damages.
  • G (good) - strong damages, but still not very spacious: small tears, small stains etc.
  • W (worn) - strong and spacious damages: destroyed parts of printing, big stains, cover waved after getting wet etc.
  • F (fair) - totally torn or incomplete.

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