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Contains all the available Wydawnictwo 21 records and other CDs on stock.
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Contains all the vinyl records available on stock, including the special cheap records section.
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Updated: 4th of September 2023

Next update: middle of October 2023

The clearance sales action

Until the end of this year we will continue the clearance sale. Now we offer over 250 longplays with the price until 2,- EUR, over hundred 7-inch records (singles and EPs) for 1 EUR each and 30 CD records until 2 EUR.

The main catalogue doesn't include the cheap records' part, all of them are placed among the others in alphabetical order. The catalogue with the cheap records only is ready to download here  (as PDF file).

April 2023

Kalemegdan Disk - distribution of the records from Eastern Europe

Dear Friends,

We invite you to the German distribution company Kalemegdan Disk (www.kalemegdan-disk.de), with the very rich offer from the Eastern Europe. Their stock includes over 250 new titles on vinyl records and over 2000 on CDs (but also many second-hand, original releases).

The company specializes in brand new vinyl records and CDs from Yugoslavia, but also from all former countries of the Eastern bloc, and cooperating, among others, with Croatia Records, Supraphon, Opus, Hungaroton, Gong, Warner Music Poland, Metal Mind Production and many smaller, independent labels, such as Sechzehnzehn (Berlin, Amiga catalog), Dancing Bear (Zagreb) or MALS (Moscow). First of all it is rock music, but there is also jazz, folk and more ambitious pop from the early 1960s to the present day.

So please visit the Kalemegdan Disk website (www.kalemegdan-disk.de), surely it will be a great pleasure for all music lovers!

November 2022

Back to the old prices for some parcels - no Global Express!

Because of COVID-19 the Polish Post suspends the Global Express delivery. So we must back to the older way of delivery, more expensive registered letters again - please check the Terms of payment and delivery. We are very sorry and we hope we could offer soon the Global Express again.

June 2021

Mikhail Ogorodov

26.06.1958 - 07.04.2017


Very sad message came to us from St. Petersburg. On 7th of April passed away our friend Misha Ogorodov.

We met Misha in 2004 when he was invited by Jozef Skrzek to participate in the three concerts under the name "Tryptyk Petersburski / The Petersburgian Triptych". This well-known Russian pianist, composer, arranger and vocalist, founder and member of many Petersburgian rock and jazz bands, but also a collaborator of well-known European musicians, turned out to be extremely talented improvising musician with great intuition and sensitivity. He has come to Poland many times since then - as a member of the band called Józef Skrzek East Wind, in concerts with Jozef Skrzek in the project "Stairway to heaven" and taking part in many other events - recently collaborated with a guitarist Bogusław Raatz from Bydgoszcz and his group Question Mark.

Misha Ogorodov impressed with his enormous knowledge of the musical live of St. Petersburg and Russia. There was not a band either an album that he would not have something interesting to say. He highly valued Polish musicians. Over the years, he has participated in many Polish bands' concerts in St. Petersburg. After every show he talked to musicians and his knowledge of Polish rock and jazz music was just exhausting. About many interesting facts and events We know just from him.

But first of all Misha was an extremely good and cheerful man. He always was ready and willing to come with his musical support and perfect workshop as the "Heavy Keyboard Operator".

We will always remember our long conversations, the projects, his kindness and brilliant musical knowledge.

Rest in peace, dear Friend.

Cover images and more infos about 7-inch records: singles and EPs

The 7-inch vinyl records have found their own place on our website, together with the CD records in the section called now: CD, 7". All the 7" records were divided (as the other records) into three mainly categories: jazz, pop and rock, You could find now also more infos and the covers of the best of them.

January 2016

More infos and images of CD records

All the CD records from our offer, as the vinyl records, were divided into the three mainly categories now: jazz, pop and rock. We have added also more infos and images of CD records.

July 2015

CD catalogue in the new form

We have still less brand new CD records and still more second-hand CDs on stock. So we have changed the form of our CD catalogue. The condition of every CD record were described. As the new one we have mentioned only still sealed records or these buyed directly from the producer. All the other CDs, even these which looks like brand new records, were mentioned as second-hand items and they condition were described.

April 2015

New musical genre: contemporary music

We have just added the new cathegory on our website: contemporary music. So You could find here the music of the modern composers of 20th century.

The contemporary music, as the electronic and another new music cathegories, was filed under pop music. Surely strange decision, but maybe it's better than under jazz or rock...

January 2015

New, lower prices for some parcels - Global Express

The Polish Post offers the new way of delivery for the parcels under 2 kg, called Global Express. Some (but not all of them!) are really cheap - please check the Terms of payment and delivery. For example, the Global Express 2 kg packet to New Zealand costs 21 USD only, instead of 51 USD (priority registered letter).

November 2014

New terms of delivery - no more economy letters

The Polish Post offers no more economy letters for abroad - since June priority only! The parcels were shipped without changes.

July 2014

7-inch records: singles and EPs

After few years we've placed in the vinyls' catalogue the 7-inch records again. They have found a special place in the catalogue, some of them were filed and described under various musical genres too.

June 2014

New postage rates for vinyl records

There are new postage rates for the big parcels (over 5 kG). Sorry, we must place here the new interval (20 LPs and more); the prices for such parcels are really higher.

May 2014

New musical genre: early music

We have decided to add to our vinyl offer the new cathegory: early music. Seems to be something strange among the pop and rock records, but we are sure You can find the origin of the folkrock music in mediaeval songs of mistrel and troubadours, and the first really progressive compositions were written by the "pre-Bach" organ masters...

So please don't hesitate to visit the early music selection, placed together with the folk records. Surely not huge at the moment, but we hope it will grow very soon.

January 2014

New version of our website

Welcome to our renewed homepage! First of all we've designed more space for vinyl records, which were placed in the three main categories: jazz, pop (incl. folk) and rock. All the records there were presented carefully, with its covers' and labels' images. All of them are placed on the complete LPs catalogue too, together with the cheap records section (with the prices of 4 Euro and less).

To offer You the very rare and very expensive items - this is not our ambition, but, of corse, we'll not avoid such LPs. They are just simple records, from pop and variety music through jazz and folk till rock with its all genres. They came mainly from Eastern Europe and were already almost total forgotten.

We have definitively reduced our CD offer - sorry! Of course it does not mean that we'll not offer the interesting CD news...

We will to place the new items and update the website permanently - at least one or two times a month.

Please visit us from time to time!

November 2011

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our brand new homepage! You could find here the infos about our current and future CD releases and also just updated East European LPs (vinyl) and CDs trade sections together with our subjective choice of the best Polish albums.

Please feel free to visit us from time to time; we will often update the website!

May 2006

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