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Psychodelic rock


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CZERWONO-CZARNI "Beat mass: Pan przyjacielem moim"

Recorded / released: Poland 1968
Label: Polskie Nagrania, XL 0475
Music: Psychodelic rock, progressive rock, beat, pop.
Condition (record / cover): VG / EX
Remarks: Gatefold cover with booklet. Mono.

Price: 25,- EUR


Recorded / released: Poland 1987
Label: Pronit, PLP 0053
Music: Psychodelic rock, rock'n'roll.
Condition (record / cover): EX / VG
Remarks: Insert.

Price: 6,- EUR

PAVOL HAMMEL & PRUDY "1966 - 1975"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1966 - 1975 / 1983
Label: Opus, 9113 1328-29
Music: Psychodelic rock, progressive rock, folkrock, poprock, beat.
Condition (record / cover): EX / EX
Remarks: Two records, gatefold cover.

Price: 25,- EUR

ILLES "Ne sírjatok lanyok!"

Recorded / released: Hungary 1973
Label: Pepita, SLPX 17455
Music: Psychodelic rock, progressive rock.
Condition (record / cover): VG+ / VG+
Remarks: Gatefold cover. Torn spine.

Price: 10,- EUR

METRO "Egy este a Metro klubban..."

Recorded / released: Hungary 1970
Label: Qualiton, LPX 17417
Music: Psychodelic rock, underground rock, progressive rock, beat. Recorded live in concert.
Condition (record / cover): VG+ / VG+
Remarks: Small tear on front cover.

Price: 15,- EUR

PETR NOVAK, G & B "The greatest hits"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1984 / 1986
Label: Panton, 8113 0404 H
Music: Progressive rock, psychodelic rock, softrock. All the songs were sung in English.
Condition (record / cover): EX- / EX

Price: 10,- EUR


Recorded / released: Belarus / Russia 1974
Label: Melodia, 33 CO 4655-56
Music: Psychodelic rock, folkrock, softrock.
Condition (record / cover): VG+ / VG-
Remarks: Ringwear, tear on cover.

Price: 15,- EUR

PRUDY "Zvonte zvonky"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1969 / Slovakia 2018
Label: Opus, 91 2237-1
Music: Psychodelic rock, folkrock, progressive rock.
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed) / EX+
Remarks: Mono.

Price: 25,- EUR

PETR SPALENY & APOLLO "Sail with me"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1971 / 1973
Label: Supraphon 1 13 1190
Music: Softrock, psychodelia, soulrock. All the song were sung in English.
Condition (record / cover): VG / EX
Remarks: Ringwear.

Price: 6,- EUR

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