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Beat, rock and roll


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Recorded / released: Russia 1986 / 1988
Label: Melodia, C60 26201 004
Music: Rock and roll, psychobilly.
Condition (record / cover): EX- / VG
Remarks: Ringwear, stamp on back cover.

Price: 6,- EUR

CALL 66 / TELEFON "Looking back vol.1 - Dance rock session"

Recorded / released: Yugoslavia 1983 / 1984
Label: Suzy, LP 427
Music: Rock and roll. Recorded live in concert.
Condition (record / cover): EX / VG
Remarks: Split album - on the side B: Telefon. Inner sleeve. Ringwear.

Price: 10,- EUR

EMIL DIMITROV "Peye Emil Dimitrov"

Recorded / released: Bulgaria 1965
Label: Balkanton, BTA 483
Music: Beat, pop, rock and roll.
Condition (record / cover): VG- / VG-
Remarks: Ringwear and stamp on back cover, sticker and stamp on label. Mono.

Price: 15,- EUR

EMIL DIMITROV "Peye Emil Dimitrov"

Recorded / released: Bulgaria 1967
Label: Balkanton, BTA 1001
Music: Beat, pop, rock and roll.
Condition (record / cover): VG- / no (cover from BTA 483)
Remarks: Mono. Stamp and sticker on label.

Price: 5,- EUR


Recorded / released: Hungary 1982
Label: Pepita, SLPX 17743
Music: Rock and roll.
Condition (record / cover): EX / EX
Remarks: Insert.

Price: 15,- EUR


Recorded / released: East Germany 1968
Label: Amiga, 8 50 138
Music: Beat, psychodelic rock.
Condition (record / cover): EX- / EX-
Remarks: Mono. Sticker on back cover.

Price: 25,- EUR

OLYMPIC with various rock interpreters "Rock and roll"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1980 / 1983
Label: Supraphon, 1113 2888
Music: Rock and roll. Recorded live in concert, all the songs were sung in English.
Condition (record / cover): EX / VG+

Price: 6,- EUR


Recorded / released: Estonia 1981 / 1983
Label: Melodia, C60 - 19321-22
Music: Rock and roll, softrock.
Condition (record / cover): EX / EX-
Remarks: Reedition with different cover.

Price: 6,- EUR

FRANK SCHOEBEL "Die grossen Erfolge"

Recorded / released: East Germany 1964 - 1974 / 1975
Label: Amiga, 8 55 437
Music: Beat, pop, rock and roll.
Condition (record / cover): VG+ / VG
Remarks: Stamp on back cover.

Price: 5,- EUR


Recorded / released: East Germany 1969
Label: Amiga, 8 55 200
Music: Beat, jazzrock, psychodelia.
Condition (record / cover): VG+ / VG-
Remarks: Sticker and writing on back cover, ringwear, tear on cover.

Price: 15,- EUR

KAREL ZICH "Let me sing some Elvis Presley songs"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1983 / 1985
Label: Supraphon, 1113 3318 H
Music: Rock and roll.
Condition (record / cover): EX / EX-
Remarks: All the songs were sung in English.

Price: 5,- EUR

VARIOUS "1000 taktow mlodosci"

Recorded / released: Poland 1967
Label: Pronit, XL 0370
Music: Beat, pop.
Condition (record / cover): G+ / VG
Remarks: Mono.
Artists: Maria Figiel & Zespol Studia Rytm x 2, Tadeusz Wozniak & Dzikusy, Stefan Nowakowski, Siostry Panas & Tajfuny, Kawalerowie x 2, Tadeusz Wozniak & Zespol Studia Rytm x 2, Ryszard Lisiecki, Czerwono-Czarni x 2, Halina Kunicka, Skaldowie, NOVI & Zespol J. Matuszkiewicza, Urszula Polanowska, Jozef Korzeniowski.

Price: 5,- EUR

VARIOUS "Beat Line 1967 - 1969"

Recorded / released: Czechoslovakia 1967 - 1969 / Czech Republic 2017
Label: Supraphon, SU 6317-1
Music: Beat, rhythm and blues, soul.
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)/ EX-
Remarks: Bent one corner.
Artists: Olympic, The Soulmen, Prudy, Framus Five, Flamengo, The Rebels, Synkopy 61, The Bluesmen, Atlantis, The Matadors, George & Beatovens, Vulkan, The Cardinals, Komety, Crystal, Juventus.

Price: 20,- EUR

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