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SKALDOWIE "Cisza krzyczy / The silence is crying"
Leningrad 1972 - an official live bootleg

1972 / 2007
Wydawnictwo 21, 21.017
limited digipack edition

[Record's cover]

1. Zapowiedz / Intro 1:08
2. Kolorowe szare dni / Colourful gray days 3:59
3. Juhas zmarl / A young shepherd has died 4:34
4. Jeszcze kocham / I still love 2:26
5. Lagodne swiatło Twoich oczu / The gentle shine of Your eyes 2:55
6. Dajcie mi snu godzine cicha / Give me a quiet hour of sleep 4:40
7. Wolne sa kwiaty na łace / Free are the meadow`s flowers 1:18
8. Medytacje wiejskiego listonosza / Country postman`s meditations 2:45
9. Przesliczna wiolonczelistka / Beautiful cellist 2:59 Play (1 MB)
10. Angel 4:04 Play (1 MB)
11. Wszystko mi mowi ze mnie ktos pokochal /
Everything tells me someone is in love with me 2:21
12. Krywaniu, Krywaniu / Krywan, You high mountain 16:244
13. Wieczor na dworcu w Kansas City /
Evening at Kansas City railroad station 2:13
14. Cisza krzyczy / The silence is crying 7:08 Play (1 MB)

Andrzej Zielinski: vocal, Hammond organ
Jacek Zielinski: vocal, violin, trumpet, guitar
Jan Budziaszek: drums
Konrad Ratynski: bass guitar, vocal
Jerzy Tarsinski: guitar

In the 70s Skaldowie were on top; they played many great concerts through the Europe with their brilliant musical quality. Unfortunately there are no documentary from their 70s live shows, except of the only one song released on vinyl by East German label Amiga.

So we have decided to release this album "The silence is crying - Leningrad 1972, an official live bootleg". The thirteen songs, including their opus magnum - over 16 minutes long suite "Krywan, Krywan", which is based on the Polish folklore, were recorded during the tournee in the USSR in autumn of 1972 on the amateur tape recorded, using one simple microphone. The sound quality is not brilliant and we have called it as the official bootleg. But this is very nice bootleg, with the really better sound as in many western famous releases. Anyway it is maybe the only one chance to hear how the band played live in early 70s... Just listen to their great hits from 60s and - last but not least - live versions of Skaldowie`s progressive rock tracks from the famous early 70s albums.

This album is released as digipack, with some rare photos from 1972 Russian Tour, maybe also from the same live show. We have got it from the one of the numerous Russian fans of the band.

JOZEF SKRZEK "U stop krzyza... / At the Foot of the Holy Cross"

Wydawnictwo 21, 21.012
digipack edition

[Record's cover]

1. Uwertura / Ouverture 8:16 Play (1 MB)
2. Blask Obecnosci / The Splendour of His Presence 4:54 Play (1 MB)
3. Uwielbienie / The Adoration 8:21 Play (1 MB)
4. Freedom 9:21
5. Zmartwychwstanie / The Ressurection 7:38
6. U stop krzyza / At the Foot of the Holy Cross 9:25
7. Z ktorych krwi krew moja / From Whose Blood my Blood... 7:38
8. Zbliz sie do mego serca / Come Closer to my Heart 7:48
9. Coda 9:01

Jozef Skrzek: voice, great pipe organ, Minimoog, Micromoog

The idea of this record was born after the wonderful concert which Jozef Skrzek played in the Holy Cross Basilica in Warsaw in February 2003. The music were recorded during two midnight sessions in April 2003: in Holy Cross Basilica in Warsaw and in the Jesus the King Cathedral in Katowice.

On the mighty organ of the Cathedral played Jozef Skrzek the new great instrumental work, divided here into three parts: Overture - At the foot of the Holy Cross - Coda. This is really contemporary organ music, enough far from the vain of his older compositions.

The rest were played on baroque organ of the Basilica in Warsaw; Jozef Skrzek also sang and played here on several analogue Moog synthesisers. The two tracks are to hear for the first time: "The splendour of His presence" and "Adoration"; the another four pieces are well-known Skrzek's evergreens.

TONY McPHEE "Live in Poland at Blues Express"

Wydawnictwo 21, 21.008

[Record's cover]

1. 32-20 4'21
2. No place to go 6'54
3. No mo doggin 5'26
4. Evil 5'48 Play (1 MB)
5. Garden 5'12 Play (1 MB)
6. Mistreated 6'00
7. Dimpless 5'30 Play (1 MB)
8. Sitting on the top of the world 4'10
9. Can't be satisfied 3'31
10. Groundhog blues 6'33
11. Little red rooster 4'52
12. Drop down mama 5'56
13. Write me few short lines 5'47
14. Old Polish blues song 2'12
15. The grand finale 1'12

Tony McPhee: acoustic guitar, voice
Krzysztof Opalski: blues harp
Romuald Poplonyk: kazoo

This songs comes from an acoustic live gig of Tony McPhee - British bluesrock legend, the founder of legendary GROUNDHOGS band. With the little help of his Polish friends Tony sings and plays on acoustic guitar bluesy evergreens and some own songs from the GROUNDHOGS period. The music were recorded in Blues Express Pub in Zielona Gora (Poland) in January 2000.

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