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Croatia 2013 / 2015
Croatia Records, CD+DVD 6072354
Total time: CD: 80 minst / 18 tracks, DVD: 100 mins / 22 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Hardrock, progressive rock. Recorded live in concert.

Price: 14,- EUR

DRACONIC "Conflux"

Serbia 2004
Rock Express, RECD 050
Total time: 40 mins / 8 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX- / M-

As the band says, this is a "cyber black metal" album. Very good combination of growling, soprano voice, heavy sound, solo piano parts, electronic landscapes... Sung in English. Really unusual music.

Price: 3,- EUR

FANDANGO "Kakto predi"

Bulgaria 2013 / 2014
Art Eternal, 56518
Total time: 42 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): Ex+ / EX-

Rock, hardrock.

Price: 3,- EUR

GITARREROS "It's only rock'n'roll - Live in concert"

East Germany 1986 / Germany 2006
Buschfunk, BF 05802
Total time: 49 mins / 11 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Hardrock, bluesrock, progressive rock.

Price: 10,- EUR

KRYPTON "Deasupra lumii"

Romania 2004
Cat Music, 101 2432 2
Total time: 40 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX+ / EX

Some kind of "easy listening" in rock music. Still not poprock, but sometimes is very close...

Price: 4,- EUR

JERRY MANGONI "Cerchi concentrici"

Italy 2013
Autoproduction, JM-CD002 (gatefold cardsleeve)
Total time: 56 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New

Progressive rock.

Price: 6,- EUR

MISCELLANE "Painted palm"

Czech Republic / The Netherlands 2001
Bee & Bee, BBMI2002
Total time: ?? mins / 5 tracks
Condition (record / cover): VG / VG

Progressive rock.

Price: 6,- EUR


Poland 2017
SP Records, SPCD 13/17 (digipack)
Total time: 34 mins / 11 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Heavy metal, underground.

Price: 10,- EUR

POP MASINA "Kiselina"

Yugoslavia 1973 / Austria 2014
Atlantide, 03
Total time: ?? mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Progressive rock, psychodelic rock.

Price: 10,- EUR

SILLY "Hurensohne"

East Germany / Germany 1993
Amiga, 7432119300 2
Total time: 74 mins / 18 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX+ / VG+

Underground rock, new wave, progressive rock.

Price: 6,- EUR

SKALDOWIE "Cisza krzyczy - Leningrad 1972"

Poland 1972 / 2007
Wydawnictwo 21, 21.017 (digipack)
Total time: 59 mins / 14 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New

Documentary from one of the numerous gigs, which the band played during the 70s in Russia. Brilliant compositions, great musicians and really high energy, but worse sound quality - the concert were recorded on amateur tape recorder.

Price: 3,- EUR

JOZEF SKRZEK EAST WIND "Koncert zywiolow"

Poland 2008 / 2009
Wydawnictwo 21, 21.019 (digipack)
Total time: 80 mins / 8 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

The second album of these Polish-Russian band. Very sophisticated, ambitious, powerful and energetic progressive rock, inspired also by electronic and classical music.

Price: 25,- EUR


Czech Republic 1993 / 2018
Supraphon, SU 6520-2 (digipack)
Total time: 49 mins / 12 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / M-

Hardrock, heavy metal.

Price: 12,- EUR

VARIOUS "Kongres rock majstora"

Yugoslavia 1975 / Croatia 2009
Croatia Records, CD 5815389 (digipack)
Total time: 67 mins / 16 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Progressive rock, hardrock.

Artists: Goran Bregovic (Bijelo Dugme) x 4, Josip Bocek (Korni Grupa) x 4, Vedran Bozic (Time) x 4, Miodrag-Bata Kostic (YU Grupa) x 4.

Price: 15,- EUR

VARIOUS "Polish Art-Rock vol.1"

Poland 1999
Lynx Music, LM 04CD
Total time: ?? mins / 11 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Progressive rock, underground.

Artists: Abraxas, Museion, Anamor, Millenium, Łukasz Swiech, Lizard, Albion, Revolver, Framauro, Kroner Cirkus, Quidam.

Price: 12,- EUR

VARIOUS "Polish Art-Rock vol.3"

Poland 2002
Lynx Music, LM 08CD
Total time: ?? mins / 14 tracks
ondition (record / cover): New

Progressive rock, underground.

Artists: Special Experiment, Ad Libitum, Indukti, After, Colt, Suchi Pion, New Credo, Rercival Schuttenbach, Howling Aliens, Angel of Swing, Ogrodowe Aleje 11, Bibisi, Inside of Outside, Zandarm.

Price: 5,- EUR

VARIOUS "Polish Prog-Metal vol.1"

Poland 2003
Lynx Music, LM 10CD
Total time: 72 mins / 10 tracks
ondition (record / cover): New

Heavy metal, progressive rock, underground.

Artists: Music Atelier Project, Draft, Forgotten, Sabracadabra, Mind Gate, Indukti, Liquid Shadow, Space Avenue, New Machine, Memories Garden.

Price: 5,- EUR

VARIOUS "Wysluchaj mojej piesni Panie"

Poland 2007 / 2009
Metal Mind Productions, MMP CD 0653 DGD (digipack, two CDs)
Total time: ?? mins / 22 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX / EX-

Bluesrock, hardrock, underground - Tadeusz Nalepa (Breakout) songs.

Artists: Artur Gadowski x 3, Kasia Kowalska x 3, Maciej Malenczuk x 3, Perfect x 3, 1984, Pawel Kukiz x 2, Nie-bo x 2, Dzem x 3, Dzem + Jozef Skrzek x 2.

Price: 8,- EUR

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