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Russia - Belarus / Poland 2009
Kolegium Europy Wschodniej (book cover)
Total time: ?? mins / 14 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / M-


Price: 5,- EUR

WOLF BIERMANN "Trotz alledem!"

East Germany 1978 / Germany 1998
Wolf Biermann Altona
Total time: 52 mins / 15 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX+ / M-

Singer-songwriter from East Germany, who lived in West since the 70s.

Price: 2,- EUR

OLIVER DRAGOJEVIC "Ljubavna pjesma"

Yugoslavia 1975 / Croatia 2009
Croatia Records, CD 5814009 (digipack)
Total time: 35 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / EX+


Price: 6,- EUR

BOB FRIDL "Divadlo zivota"

Czech Republic 2001
FT Records, FT-0054
Total time: 51 mins / 15 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M / EX+

Nice folkrock ballads, sung by the legendary singer, well known since early 70s.

Price: 2,- EUR

PAVOL HAMMEL "Kreditka srdca"

Slovakia 2004
Musica, 720 585-2
Total time: 49 mins / 13 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M / M-

Singer-songwriter, chansons, pop.

Price: 2,- EUR


Croatia 2015 / Austria 2016
Alessa Records, ALR 1045 (digipack)
Total time: 60 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New / New (sealed)

Folk, jazz, ethno.

Price: 4,- EUR

ALDO PINELLI "Una seleccion de viejas canciones. Montanas, bosques y lagos"

Argentina 2007
Autoproduction, HTT 04 (gatefold cardsleeve)
Total time: 50 mins / 20 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX+ / EX-

Neoclassical music, folk, folkrock, progressive rock.

Price: 12,- EUR

ANDREJ SIFRER "Ideje izpod odeje"

Yugoslaviaa 1982 / Slovenia
ŠifCo Music, CIF 142
Total time: 74 mins / 22 tracks
Condition (record / cover): VG- / EX+

Double vinyl album of great Slovenian singer-songwriter on one CD. Rock, folk, folkrock, chansons, pop - many various genres.

Price: 3,- EUR

ANDREJ SIFRER "Muza moj'ga bluza"

Slovenia 2000
ŠifCo Music, CIF 151
Total time: 42 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX+ / VG

Recorded in USA with blues group The New Blackie Jones Band and Charlie Musselwhite as the special guest. Less blues, more folk and rock songs and ballads.

Price: 3,- EUR

TAMMY "Agori mou"

Greece 2008
Music Box, 3301173084 (slipcase)
Total time: 49 mins / 16 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New

Pop, beat, psychodelia. Recorded in the 60. and 70.

Price: 5,- EUR


Czech Republic / Germany 1999
BMG Ariola, 74321 67096 2
Total time: 42 mins / 12 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX- / VG+

Folkrock, folk, singer-songwriter.

Price: 2,- EUR


Finland / Germany 2012
9pm Records, 046 (digipack)
Total time: 39 mins / 10 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New / new (sealed)

Singer-songwriter, psychodelia.

Price: 4,- EUR

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