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CD records: jazz, blues, soul


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BOB BELDEN "Three days of rain"

USA 2005 / 2006
Sunnyside, SSC 1153
Total time: 56 mins / 13 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX+ / M-

Jazz (soundtrack). Cut out inlay card.

Price: 10,- EUR


Italy / Germany 1992
Mara Records, 6018
Total time: 74 mins / 9 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / EX

Acoustic jazz and jazzrock with folk inspirations.

Price: 5,- EUR


Italy 1998
Amiata Records, ARNR 0698
Total time: 43 mins / 5 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX / EX

Acoustic jazz with folk influences.

Price: 6,- EUR

ROBERT GOLLA "One to one"

Poland / Germany 2002
Restek Studios International (gatefold cardsleeve)
Total time: 50 mins / 6 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / EX

Intuitive, totally improvisated music, played on electric guitar with some electronic gadgets. Many inspirations - jazz, progressive rock, electronic, blues...

Price: 10,- EUR

DAVID HOLMES "Out of sight"

USA 1998
Jersey, MCD 11799
Total time: 46 mins / 15 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / VG+

Instrumental psychodelic soul - David Holmes' soundtrack to the movie under the same title. Including also the songs performed by Isley Brothers, Mongo Santamaria and others.

Price: 4,- EUR


USA / Gt. Britain 1995
London, 414 818-2
Total time: 48 mins / 19 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / EX+

Jazz, new age.

Price: 8,- EUR

TONY McPHEE "Live in Poland at Blues Express"

Gt. Britain / Poland 2000
Wydawnictwo 21, 21.008
Total time: 73 mins / 15 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New

Acoustic blues songs (evergreens and His own compositions), performed by the legendary Groundhogs' leader with the little help of two Polish musicians (blues harp, kazoo).

Price: 5,- EUR

MONDONGO "Transparent skin"

Italy 2011
Megaplomb, MPL 010
Total time: 49 mins / 8 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M / M

Jazz, jazzrock, neoclassical muisc.

Price: 10,- eur

REVOLVER "Dze doorsz "

Poland 2000
Rock Serwis, RSCD 061
Total time: 68 mins / 12 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / EX

Bluesrock, underground. Writing (dedication) on booklet.

Price: 8,- EUR


Bulgaria / France 2006
Cristal Records, CRCD 0612 (digipack)
Total time: 65 mins / 7 tracks
Condition (record / cover): New (sealed)

Acoustic jazz, ethnojazz.

Price: 8,- EUR

VARIOUS "Skazani na bluesa vol.1"

Poland 2003
omerta.art, OMCD 001
Total time: 65 mins / 16 tracks
Condition (record / cover): EX / VG

Bluesrock, blues.

Artists: J.J.Band, Banaszak & The Best, T. Pocieszynski & The Bluesmobile, McMahon & Kaminski, Q.Bee, Riders, Formacja FRU, Tipsy Drivers - two tracks of each band.

Price: 6,- EUR

VARIOUS "Paris - la bande originale du film"

France 2008
Warner Music, 2564696331
Total time: 53 mins / 15 tracks
Condition (record / cover): M- / M-

Jazz, jazzrock, trance.

Artists: Kraked Unit x 5, Wax Tailor, Artur Nunes, Burke Dury & Minck, Rosemary Clooney, Quincy Jones, Philippe Katerine, Wilson Pickett, Livingstone Waldron & Preaux, Basmadjian Dury & DJ Klap, Eric Satie.

Price: 5,- EUR

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