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7-inch vinyl records: jazz, blues, soul


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DOINA BADEA "Aliulé / Anciedad // Il minuetto di ottocentotre / Nulla rimpiangero"

Recorded / released: Romania
Label: Electrecord, 45-EDC-503
Music: Jazz, variety music. Backed with the Richard Oschanitzky Orchestra.
Condition (record / cover): EX- / VG
Remarks: Mono.

Price: 4,- EUR

ELECTRIC BEAT CREW "Money / Come back // Go go / Here we come"

Recorded / released: East Germany 1989
Label: Amiga, 5 56 210
Music: Hip-hop. All the songs were sung in English.
Condition (record / cover): VG / VG+

Price: 4,- EUR

HOT CHOCOLATE "No doubt about it / Gimme some of your loving"

Recorded / released: USA 1980 / Poland
Label: Tonpress, S-341
Music: Soul.
Condition (record / cover): VG- / VG+

Price: 3,- EUR

KRZAK "Przewrotna samba / Dla Fredka"

Recorded / released: Poland 1980
Label: Tonpress, S-263
Music: Bluesrock, rock.
Condition (record / cover): VG / factory cover

Price: 3,- EUR

KRZAK "Sciepka / Drzewo oliwne // Kansas / Kawa blues"

Recorded / released: Poland 1981
Label: Tonpress, N-62
Music: Instrumental bluesrock.
Condition (record / cover): VG / factory cover

Price: 3,- EUR

JOHN MAYALL "Hard going up / Sweet honeybee"

Recorded / released: Gt. Britain / Poland
Label: Tonpress, S-351
Music: Bluesrock, hardrock.
Condition (record / cover): EX- / EX-

Price: 6,- EUR

Vocal group MEDIUM "Laboratorium piosenki"

Recorded / released: Poland 1975
Label: Polskie Nagrania, NO 752
Music: Variety music, pop.
Condition (record / cover): VG- / VG+

Price: 3,- EUR

Variety orchestra OPTYMISCI "Cha-cha Barcelona / Negro Jose // W gorach / One o'clock jumb"

Recorded / released: Bulgaria / Poland
Label: Polskie Nagrania, N 0141
Music: Jazz, swing, variety music. Featuring: Liana Antonowa, Lea Iwanowa, Snezka Dobrewa.
Condition (record / cover): VG+ / factory cover

Price: 5,- EUR

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